The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

katedralaTowering in the very centre of Varna, it is one of the most impressive churches in Bulgaria. The first contribution of 1000 leva was made by Prince Alexander Battenberg. It was he who placed the first stone in the foundations of the construction starting on 22 August 1880. The design was made by Maas, an architect from Odessa. The building was completed in 1886 but its consecration was delayed until 1910.
The cathedral has three altars. The central one is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, the southern one – to Saint Nicholas of Myra and the northern one – to Alexander Nevski.
One of the greatest values of the Varna Cathedral are the murals painted under the supervision of the Russian artist Prof. Rostovtsev. The Bishop’s throne and the iconostases are genuine masterpieces of the famous Debar school of woodcarving.